English Theatre Company

by Fabiana Micillo, 8b

Today us students from the 8th grade watched a theatre play called “5xW- Who, Where, What, When, Why ?“ It tells the story of two teenagers, Gwen and Jason, who meet in a launderette and become more and more interested in each other and develop strategies to impress the other person.

I really liked watching this theatre play and it was a lot of fun because it’s a very funny story with cool music and a beautiful scenery of the launderette – I especially liked the costumes. The actors acted very well and I really liked that they interacted with us, so we didn’t only watch but for example also sang with them and answered their questions during the play. I also think that this theatre play was very interesting for us students because the story is about teenagers who like each other and therefore we can identify with the story and the characters because this situation could happen to us one day.

After the play we had the chance to ask the actors some questions about the play and also about themselves. I thought it was very cool to talk to them, they were very kind and answered all of our questions like “What were you talking about on the phone at the beginning ” or “ Who is your favourite actor”.

Overall, I really liked the play and I think that it was a great way to also practice our English and it was amazing to finally watch a theatre play again after such a long time.