Neue Fremdsprachenassistentin

How old are you and where are you from?

I am 23 years old and was born in London, but we moved to Cork in the south of Ireland when I was a child. I have just graduated from 4 years of University in Galway. Galway is a seaside city on the west coast of Ireland, rich with history and the cultural capital of Ireland. It has lots of beautiful beaches, cobbled streets and colorful unique shops. It is famous for horse racing, seafood, and its rural beauty.

Which university did you attend and what did you study?

I attended the University of Galway, and studied Law specializing in human rights. I also chose the language stream option and studied legal German. My modules included some really interesting subjects such as criminology, equity, legal philosophy, international human rights law, criminal law and a dissertation on whatever area of law we wanted. I also had the opportunity to do an Erasmus year in Würzburg in Bavaria, which was one of the best years of my life! I saw so much of Germany and travelled a lot, got to experience a different culture and way of life, and worked a mini job in a donut shop for the year to have some pocket money. I also met people from all over the world.

Do you speak German?

Yes, I have been learning German for about 8 years now in school and university. I definitely do not find it easy and struggle a lot with the grammar, but I really want to become fluent by the end of the year and have the language for life. Languages open so many doors for you! It is also my dream to work in the EU or in international relations, so having two languages would be invaluable. I’m here to learn German just as much as the students are here to learn English!

What exactly do you do at our school?

I have a timetable of classes across all ages and grades in the school, and I am here as a native speaker to help the students improve their English language skills and build confidence in themselves and their abilities. I hope to also offer an insight into Irish culture and the differences and similarities between life in both countries. I think I can learn a lot from the students too, and vice versa for us all to become more well-rounded learners and as culturally enriched as possible.
I also have my own Dalton class twice a week, where students can work on their communication skills with me and practice their spoken English. As a native, I can help build fluency of sentences and conversational techniques when students are forming their spoken ideas with me.

How have you experienced your time in Germany so far and in our school?

I’m trying to travel as much as I can on the weekends, and have already seen the beautiful Köln and Düsseldorf. I am making the most of the Deutschland ticket and even managed to organize free trains to the Netherlands and Luxembourg which is amazing for me coming from a small island where it is simply not possible to get a train to another country!
I love this school and everyone is so approachable and friendly. The students are all so engaged and love to ask questions and make the work a breeze. I’m looking forward to my Dalton classes after the autumn holidays so I can help the students more.

How long are you here for?

I will be working in the NEG until the end of May 2024.